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  • New Installation
  • Microtunnelling and Pipe Jacking
  • Directional Drilling

Downley Consultantsí expertise and experience in microtunnelling, pipe jacking and horizontal directional drilling provides the engineering that supports innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions where trenchless installation is required because:

  • Installation is at depth so open trench working is too expensive.
  • Installation is under busy urban streets so traffic disruption is to be avoided.
  • Installation involves crossing under waterways or other environmentally sensitive natural features or under major transport arteries such as freeways/motorways and railway lines.
  • Other constraints make conventional construction difficult or expensive.

Our long-established capabilities in the use of trenchless installation techniques enable us to engineer installation solutions for our clients that combine minimal disruption to communities, traffic, the environment and other infrastructure while achieving the works and required functionality cost-effectively and at minimum risk.

Our expertise in new infrastructure installation encompasses feasibility studies, designing solutions, preparing specifications and contract documents, procurement and risk appraisal and technical support during the installation phase of the works.

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