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Knowledge of markets and economics is essential for the success of any business. Downley Consultants’ bespoke, confidential and targeted investigation of markets, competitors and opportunities enables our Clients to make informed management decisions on competitive strategy, new market entry, new products and optimum positioning of services and products in diverse markets and segments.

Our personnel have completed many market and business projects over more than 20 years in Europe, North & South America, Asia and the Pacific region. Many Clients engage us repeatedly when considering new opportunities because they know that we deliver information and analysis of real value to them.

Market Research & Intelligence - data on market sizes, shares, segments, price levels, growth trends and competitive structure and dynamics. Knowledge of the environment in which a business operates supports decisions in strategic planning, both in relation to existing business areas and to opportunities for new products or new markets.

Competitor Analysis – data on competitors’ performance, market shares, prices, profitability and distribution channels against which Clients can assess their performance. This analysis can reveal specific opportunities for competitive advantage in dynamic markets.

Market Drivers & Customer Needs Evaluation – we can get to the heart of what present or potential customers’ real needs are. We can also investigate the key influences driving a market: legislative, environmental, technical and economic. Understanding these drivers is fundamental to successful exploitation of the opportunities that these drivers create


Investment Appraisal - a key element in investment appraisal is an understanding of the revenue potential and how this is influenced by the competitive structure and dynamics of the market. We provide this analysis to enable our Clients to make robust and reliable capital investment decisions.

Strategic Marketing

Maximisation of Competitive Advantage – our Strategic Marketing consultancy is designed to achieve maximum competitive advantage and business performance for our Clients through improved decision making based on developing a clear understanding of markets and customer needs and implementing business strategies to pursue opportunities that create sustainable growth and profitability.

New Product & Market Opportunities – we provide data and analysis of markets to guide Clients’ strategic decisions on developing new products and services and on entering new markets.

Diversification & Portfolio Development – we can advise on focused diversification to create a portfolio of products or services that meets the needs of all target markets and segments effectively and profitably.

Product & Positioning Strategy – we advise our Clients on positioning products optimally in key market segments to maximise profitability and in developing product and marketing strategies to support that positioning.

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